The Association has established a number of committees and working groups to support the Board in the management and development of the Associaton’s activities.
An updated list of committees and working groups is available here.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, the President-elect, the past-President, the General Secretary, and the Treasurer.

Scientific and Meetings Committee

The Scientific and Meetings Committee is responsible for the programme of the annual congresses.

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee consisting of the President, President-elect, two Past Presidents (one of whom will act as the Chairman), and one other member (not standing for nomination to the Board) of the Association, shall nominate one or more candidates for each of the Board positions to be filled at the next election after seeking nominations from members of the Association at least three months before the General Assembly.

Fellowship Committee

The Fellows Committee consists of eight Fellows and the President ex officio (if a Fellow).

Communication Committee

The Communication Committee is engaged in the communication with the members of the association.

Working Group on Poisons Centres Activities (European Regulatory Issues)

This working group focuses on the work of Poisons Centres.
Last updated 23 08 2023