This page provides information about antidotes and antidote availability in European countries.


Canada has a helpful antidotes website created by the centre's toxicologists in collaboration with the pharmacists from the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (in French).


Regularly up-dated searchable database of antidotes and antivenins availability in Sweden. Including stock availability, storage locations and stock recommendations. See the following webpage (Swedish). Any questions please contact


There is an official list of antidote and antivenin availability in Switzerland via the Swiss Poisons Centre (Tox Info Suisse) (German and French).

United Kingdom

The College of Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with NPIS, has developed Guidelines on antidote availability and stocking for emergency departments. These include also an Appendix 1 on Stock levels & storage recommendations and an Appendix 2 on People involved in preparation of the guideline, plus a covering letter from the co-chairmen of the Antidote Guideline Group.

Your Country

Please send information about antidotes and antidote availability in your country to the webmaster.

Last updated 21 02 2023