This page is dedicated to the education in clinical toxicology in various European countries.


The course for the Master of Science (Toxicology) at the Medical University of Vienna includes a module in Clinical Toxicology. See the programme here.


Since 1989 departments of six Dutch universities cooperate to offer a yearly Postgraduate Education in Toxicology (P.E.T.) programme. In 2010 the cooperation was extended with two more universities. The programme consists of courses of approximately one or two weeks each. The complete programme is such that it offers the participants the theoretical toxicological knowledge necessary for registration as a toxicologist, both with the Netherlands Society of Toxicology and with EUROTOX.



Since 2002, the Swedish Poisons Information Centre in Stockholm offers one or two postgraduate courses each year in clinical toxicology and metabolic syndromes. The courses are held over one week with lectures in Swedish and the number of participants varies from 26 to 75. Please, contact Jonas Höjer for more information.


The Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology (SCAHT) offers a postgraduate modular Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Geneva/Lausanne, and a pregraduate, full-time Master of Toxicology (M.Sc.) course in Basel. Both include modules of clinical toxicology.

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Available Courses
  • Advanced Hazmat Life Support (AHLS) course
    The Advanced Hazmat Life Support ( trains healthcare professionals to manage and treat patients exposed to hazardous materials such as chemicals and radiation. The impact that AHLS has in the global community is significant. AHLS has currently trained nearly 20'000 healthcare providers from 70 countries. In addition to this, AHLS is currently working with a number of organizations that are sending their trained AHLS Providers into high risk areas such as Syria, to minimize the effects of chemical warfare. More Information.
  • IT-Based International Diploma and Professional Certificates in Clinical Toxicology (ITCT)
    Introduction: IT-based, multi-disciplinary diploma in clinical toxicology targeting both pharmacists, physicians and nurses in a cross-cutting education discipline is at hand with a goal to introduce a new line of qualified professionals capable to deal with increasing threat of natural and synthetic poisons in various disciplines such as agricultural, industrial, petrochemical, pharmaceutical as well as domestic and home usage.
    In-spite of the growing use of chemicals in various industrial, domestic, and home applications, very poor awareness about the toxic risks of chemicals is evident in a country with over 90 Million inhabitants and a frightening increasing rate of chemical use and abuse. This shall be realized by an EG and EU accredited one-year 60 ECTS multi-track diploma:
    - 50 ECTS of which are covering fundamental modules (core & elective) serving all applicants, while the remaining
    - 10 ECTS are in two separate pharmacists and physician’s specialization tracks.

    The diploma program incorporates intensive implementation of e-laboratories covering most of the lab work that would require complicated simulations or tests on life samples to be the 1st in that domain in Egypt integrating ICT and e-labs/e-learning technologies as a main ingredient in content and delivery means.
    The proposed diploma shall be developed in cooperation between Egyptian and European universities, public authorities, and NGOs. A wide community impact is expected as outlined by various stakeholders from the academia and health-related authorities.

    Goal:The diploma aims at promoting the development of multidisciplinary health professional teams with advanced knowledge and skills in the management of intoxicated patients.

    Learning objectives: After completing this diploma, the students will be able to:
    1. Identify principles of clinical toxicology.
    2. Classify various mechanisms of toxicity.
    3. Manage poisoning with pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plant and animal toxins, and substance of abuse.
    4. Manage various occupational and environmental toxic hazards.
    5. Apply the analytical toxicology techniques in the diagnosis and monitoring of poisoned patients.
    6. Apply strategies of poisoning prevention.

    More Information.
  • The Global Educational Toxicology Uniting Project (GETUP)
    is running an introductory course of clinical toxicology starting in August. Dr Anselm Wong, who is organising the course, has provided the details below.

    This course comprises several weekly online modules designed to teach basic concepts in clinical toxicology and poisonings and is aimed at emergency doctors and other health professionals treating poisoned patients. Content has been designed by US and Australian Toxicologists with Emergency and Clinical Pharmacology backgrounds. The course was originally designed by Dr Andrew Stolbach from John Hopkins hospital to teach emergency residents and has been in use in multiple US hospitals and trialled in Fiji. Additional modules on agrochemicals have been added from Wikitox (Creative Commons). Contributions are continuously being added.

    It is divided into pre-module multiple choice questions, a case based scenario and post-module multiple choice questions. No pre-reading is required. It is designed to evaluate knowledge prior to participating in the module compared to post module. It is generally expected each module will take up to 1 hour to complete.
    On the completion of all modules and feedback, each participant will be issued a course completion certificate. It must be clear that this an introductory course and does not qualify one to practice as a clinical toxicologist.

    There is no cost to enrol or participate in the course.
    The next course will run: tba.
    Enrolment: tba.
    Register at website: Surveymonkey
    Requirements: Computer and Internet access Confirmation of course acceptance: tba.
  • Cardiff University Medical Toxicology Courses (MSc/PgDip/PgCert)
    The Department of Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology at Cardiff University has a major commitment to teaching postgraduate and undergraduate students. A key aim of our teaching programmes is to encourage critical thinking, as we equip our students not only with practical and factual knowledge, but also provide a basic approach to toxicological problems, encouraging attitudes and abilities which will be of lasting value in the future.

    The department offers Certificate, Diploma and Masters distance learning Courses in Medical Toxicology. The courses are now modular and Certificate course runs over one year, the Diploma over two years and the Masters programme takes three years to complete. All assessment is done on-line and there is no requirement to attend Cardiff for a final examination. However, students are invited to attend an Update in Medical Toxicology Course held in Cardiff each November free of charge.

    Special Features:
    • Distance-learning, delivered entirely online. You can choose when and where to study, at home, at work or on the move.
    • The course includes a Toxicology Update Course, which all candidates are encouraged (but not required) to attend.
    • Targeted fortnightly reading guided by aims and outcomes for the period.

    Please contact or or visit the course website for more information.
  • The NPIS Cardiff (Wales), offers a yearly Medical Toxicology Course
    This intensive two day course is designed for those interested in Medical Toxicology. This course will aide those who wish to gain expertise in the practical management of common toxicological problems. Previous attendees included nurses and physicians from urgent care, minor injuries, emergency and intensive care departments, paramedics, medical students, specialist registrars and specialists in poisons information.

    Please contact or visit the website for more information.
  • Online distance learning course in Clinical Toxicology
    The TAPNA (Toxicology and Poisons Network Australasian) runs an internet based online distance learning course in Clinical Toxicology.

    The course is suitable for medical practioners and poisons information pharmacists who forsee clinical toxicology to be part of their career path. Course material is delivered to a Diploma or Masters standard.
    Students would require regular internet access, a computer and a level of English comprehension in reading that is sufficient to read journal literature and English fluency in writing that will allow contribution to the online discussions that will be part of the course.
    The course will be run over 24 months and cover the significant areas in acute clinical toxicology.
    Course enrolment details are on the website
  • Clinical Toxinology Short Course 2023
    The 2021 Clinical Toxinology Short Course was postponed due to the pandemic, but the next course is being tentatively planned for late 2023, in Adelaide, either late November, or early December. Final dates will hopefully become available soon. For those interested in attending the course, please contact Prof Julian White at

There are currently no other courses known to us. If you offer such a course, or if you know about a course worthwhile being placed here, please let the webmaster know.

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